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April 23, 2009

Let the blog begin

Yes, new media for old journalists has arrived for hip dinosaurs like the Schoffners. So while we can still step into the changing media mainstream without walkers or wheelchairs, we’re taking the leap. Blogging is now part of our repertoire. It’s not new to Chuck. Following his retirement from the Associated Press, Chuck wrote a sports blog as a freelancer for the Des Moines Register for two years. I’m betting his posts will focus on sports (so let’s see if he surprises us). I expect to expound on multiple topics since my professional life interests are all over the board. Count on reading about my efforts to embrace social media, writing (of course), what’s happening in the world of women business ownership in central Iowa, and efforts to choose a healthy attitude of gratitude in the midst of chaos. We promise not to get personal and share stories of aching knees or photos or our grandchildren (you’re lucky…we don’t have any, grandchildren that is).


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